A little about me!

I’m a dog mom, wife, friend and movie lover!
I’m also a podcast host, small business owner, and gamer. I love Disney and Marvel and Horror Movies!
Halloween is my favorite season and I would move to the beach tomorrow if my husband would let me! LOL!!

I mentioned my podcasts – well I have two! I host a True Crime and Haunting podcast with my husband called Marriage, Hauntings, and Murder! I also host one alone called Wallflower Dog Mom and you can find that here – https://youmeandbenny.com/wallflower-dog-mom/

You can follow more about me on my main Instagram page called You, Me and Benny. That’s pretty much my whole life page! We’ve also got a TikTok if you only want to keep up with Benny and Cash! They’re wild! lol – https://www.tiktok.com/@benny_and_cash

Feel free to donate to YMAB to keep this page going on PayPal here – https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/youmeandbenny

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