Shake It Out!

I’ve been doing my best for two/three months and kicking butt and lately I thought I would try new things – which meant I wanted to try new food, new shake flavors and more and today I tried a new shake flavor.Bless it. I love my Premier Protein shakes – I have one every singleContinue reading “Shake It Out!”

Picture Day!

That’s right – it’s another picture day babies!I like to do pictures twice – ones from the beginning of my journey to now and then ones from the beginning of the month to now.I started this journey to a better me in the middle of the month so I do have time to change fromContinue reading “Picture Day!”

Scary Fun Art!

Yes – we like scary fun things so we created a YMAB fun shop called Scary Fun Art! It’s one of the coolest things I’ve done – and it’s all fun!We’ve got 3D Prints, we’ve got fashion, we’ve got cups, accessories, jackets, painted art and SO much more! Just a little glimpse of what weContinue reading “Scary Fun Art!”


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