Help A Little Doggo!

Hi there – The super smiley dog in the photo is Cash! –

Cash is our little baby boy – he’s got a big brother Benny that he loves to play with and he also loves to snuggle his Mom and Dad whenever he can! He’s a happy, well loved boy with SEVERE allergies and he needs some allergy testing done as soon as possible.Cash has been having a hard time lately – he’s had staph infection for months and months and we’ve tried everything we can. Shots, a special bath, medicine, food, etc. The only thing we have left to try is allergy testing and it is not cheap. We are just asking for any help we can get helping to get Cash the help he needs and get him healthy again. All he does is itch and scratch and we feel so bad for him and have no idea what to do for him. The last shot we gave him didn’t even do anything so we know that’s not working for him anymore so the only way to know what to do is get his allergies tested and probably change up his whole diet and lifestyle to make sure this doesn’t keep happening. I know it has to be miserable for him! 
We will use this money for any testing, vet bills, medicine, food, etc needed to help Cash. It’s very important to us to keep our fur babies happy and healthy!
Go fund me link –

We are hoping to be able to get him the help he needs to this clears up and he is back to being the happy, non itchy, sick boy we know and love and we THANK YOU for any help you can give us! We really appreciate it!!!
Go fund me link –



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