Vet Visits and Dog Allergies

If you’ve been following us for a while you know that our dog Cash has been having a tough time lately.
He’s got allergies – at one point we thought it was staph – and it’s been a long, hard road to find out what we’re doing and how to fix it.


The most recent, most horrible picture.

This is what he’s been dealing with for about a year – but right now has been the worse it’s ever been.
SO we went to a new vet to get a second opinion.
We love our vet but it’s only been treated as staph for about half a year and we just couldn’t do it anymore because we knew nothing was helping so that couldn’t be it.
He’s had allergy meds, allergy shots, antibiotics galore, steroids, and a medicated shampoo.
As a dog owner you know when this is going on you feel so bad because you don’t know what to do but also it gets VERY expensive and we have used a lot of money trying to figure out what this is with no answers.
It’s been hard!
So we packed up and headed to a new vet to see what they had to say.

He has a love/hate relationship with the car.
He wants to be in it then when he gets in it he freaks out the whole time.
He’s a mystery.

We got to the vet and they got us checked in pretty fast and we sat in their little waiting area and watched people and their dogs come in and out until it was our turn.
I always get places early so I know I’m on time – I can’t help it.
Cash was nervous but also being such a good boy and sat right next to me waiting…. impatiently.

They finally called us back and we got to meet the nurse and the doctor who were both simply as sweet as could be and so amazing with Cash who was nervous and scared.
I could not have asked for a better experience.
We discussed his past diagnosis, what all we’ve done to get help and fix it and what we could do for the future and we decided he probably has a severe food allergy and we’re going to treat that because it’s easy, cheap and the only option we haven’t tried at this point BESIDES allergy testing – and that’s so expensive that is our last resort.

We’re thrilled with this because it’s easy to do and its something we CAN do in our budget.
He’s gonna be sad because he gets no more peanut butter knife licking times but – he will be happier in the long run when he’s not itchy all the time!
Finally – I feel some relief, like we’re actually getting somewhere and like this is going to be a positive outcome.
We also got some foaming mousse to put on him once a day so he doesn’t have to get a medicated bath all the time.
Seriously…. relief.

It was hot in that room so my face was a little red LOL

We finally got all our stuff and left and let me tell you – Cash LOVES this new dog food!
And he really kinda eats off and on when he wants to but so far he has not missed a meal with this new food!
I am amazed!

We ended up going with Purina since we were already on that brand and it’s the cheapest option –

What’s awesome is Benny can eat this food too and it’s fine for him even though he doesn’t have allergies like Cash does.
So it works out – plus they both are obsessed with it!

There are also treats they can get as well because this diet is so strict he can’t have anything but what is approved so these are the treats we’re getting now.

So if you are having issues like Cash I would talk to your vet about these food options to see if they would work for you too.
DO NOT ORDER THIS FOOD IF NOT ADVISED BY YOUR VET – I am not a doctor and I do not know if it’s okay for your dog it’s just what we are hoping works for ours.

We are looking forward to Cash being happy and healthy and back to his normal, crazy, wild self!
Thanks for everyone who has been there for us while we deal with this, we know we’ve been struggling and sad and worried and asking for help.
It really means a lot!

If you would like do donate to help with Cash’s vet bills please head here –




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