Benny Is 5!

My first fur baby – he’s 5!!!
Excuse me while I go sob into my pillow all day!
But we are SO excited to show you what we’ve been doing the past few days getting ready for his big birthday!
My dogs probably think I am insane but that’s fine – I am a crazy dog momma.

We’ve been taking photos of Benny during this time – he’s probably wishing he knew how to break my camera – but they’re so cute and they’re so funnnnnn!!!
Please enjoy.

Also if you like the show “The Office” make sure to pay special attention to the last pictures ๐Ÿ˜‰

I can’t deal with it.
If you’d like to see more from his little photoshoots you can check out the rest here –

BUT NOW for the fun part – gifts!
He got a toy in the box of stuff that came with the photography set and he’s already hidden that somewhere LOL but today he got a HP Toy that his Mom wants to steal and keep for herself!
He also got a fun little paw print treat that he snatched up and took to the bedroom so fast he didn’t even say bye!

The last few pics I took with my phone LOL I Wasn’t sure if he would cooperate when I ran and got my camera but he did.
So today we’re going to celebrate his big 5 year old birthday and enjoy!



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Dog mom, wife, podcast host and all around cool kid. I love Halloween, Disney, and Books! Writing has always been fun for me so blogging is a perfect outlet for me on all fronts. I also published 2 books! (so far!) I hope you enjoy!

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