Thor – Love and Thunder

We love a good Marvel movie – and Thor Love and Thunder did not disappoint!

We went a few weekends ago and had a great time!
It was funny, dark, and Christian Bale scared the crap out of me as a villain.
I mean really – he was spooky!
And I love spooky but if he were to creep up on my I’d be scared for real!
I REALLY enjoyed Valkyrie this movie too – she was funny and badass and she did amazing!
And guess what – the funko pops are here!!!
Let’s shop, shall we?

Thor –
Lady Thor –
Valkyrie –
Gorr –
Korg –

They’re all pre-order (as of right now) and on a good sale price!
They’ll be released on August 5th!
I ordered my Thor in May LOL!!!
So he’ll be on his way to me asap and I can’t wait – I’m sure I’ll get the rest of them eventually but I had to have Thor.
His new outfit and colors looked so great in this movie that I had to have it!
And I didn’t want to miss out!

Basically – you should get yours now!
We all need them!
And if you haven’t watched this movie then you should! It’s GREAT!


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