Spider-Man: No Way Home

***Spoiler Free Review***

Yesterday (Thursday December 16th) Spider-Man: No Way Home came to theaters and we HAD to go see it.
We always make sure to go see Marvel movies the day they come out because we don’t want ANY spoilers and also we’re impatient.
And I know that people say ‘oh Thanos demands your silence’ or whatever it was this time around that I can’t remember – but people on Twitter do NOT listen and spoil things ASAP.
So – we trust no one and have to go see it ASAP.
Also we LOVE Marvel so -it just works for us.

Taco Bell drive-thru selfies

So we drove 30+ miles, took a selfie in the Taco Bell drive-thru and headed to the movie theater for our 3:00 PM showing.
Yes – we went as soon as the movie theater opened.
I’m telling you we don’t play around LOL.

The movie was like 2.5 hours and amazing.
From beginning to end it was emotional, fun, exciting, and so much more.
You felt so many things while watching this movie and as it went on you just felt more and more.
If you have been watching Marvel movies from the beginning it’s like you know these people, they’re your movie friends.
You’ve been with them for years and years and things that happen to them happen to you in a way and pull at your heartstrings too.
It was a nostalgic, emotional, wild ride and I can’t wait to watch it again and again.

Excuse the HORRIFIC angle of this picture and my 500 chins LOL but this was me when the movie ended.
So… as you can see there were A LOT of feelings being felt.
So… when does Doctor Strange come out?

There are TWO credit scenes per usual.
The first one is one of things to come and the second one is basically a Doctor Strange movie trailer and it looks GOOOOOOOD!!!
Going a year without Marvel movies sucked so getting all these movies now is amazing – and this one was a FANTASTIC way to kick it off.

I tweeted a tweet that has gained a lot of traction LOL I didn’t expect it but it’s how I felt watching the movie and wanted to share.
I literally had to mute the tweet because it just keeps going and going LOL but hey – I’m thankful you guys feel the same way!
Here’s the link if you wanna tweet it too LOL – https://twitter.com/AndHauntings/status/1471644558928850949?s=20

So go watch Spider-Man: No Way Home and come back and tell me what you thought in the comments!
It’s wonderful and I definitely recommend it.




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