Showing Love During Grief

Grief is hard.Grief sucks.It’s a process – and it’s one we don’t want to go through.Ever. When my husband lost his father a month ago I wasn’t sure how to navigate with him… for him… really, just in general.I’ve not lost a parent, how do I help my husband with losing his father?It’s been overContinue reading “Showing Love During Grief”

Stop Being So Hard On Yourself

This weekend was the 100 Mile Yardsale which I NEVER participate in.I did this year – thanks to my Sister In Law that had on the CUTEST outfit in her snap story and I said oh girl – where did you get that?!We gotta be twins! LOL So here’s the thing – after I boughtContinue reading “Stop Being So Hard On Yourself”

It Was The Best of Times… The Worst of Times

What was supposed to be an awesome and enchanting weekend turned into an awesomely-soaked weekend.But it’s fine. This past weekend my husband and I traveled to Nashville to see Taylor Swift.Which is a BUCKET LIST item for me.Big time.Huge.The only concert I really care about seeing. No pressure. We made our way Saturday and weContinue reading “It Was The Best of Times… The Worst of Times”

Kindle Unlimited Favorites

I am a huge fan of Kindle Unlimited now that I am back into reading.I borrow those books like I am never going to be able to borrow again – and I love it!So I thought since a lot of my readers like to read too that I would make a list of my favoriteContinue reading “Kindle Unlimited Favorites”

Soon I’ll Be 35!

My Birthday is coming – and I love a good birthday!I’ve already celebrated twice with more to go! LOL So let’s look at some pictures from so far – shall we? First up I celebrated with my Mom and Stepdad. Mom always makes lasagna so I gobble that up and gain 238423 pounds but it’sContinue reading “Soon I’ll Be 35!”

Best Amazon Items For You and Your Home

Sometimes I get on Amazon to look for things I don’t need and then end up find amazing things I need to share with you guys – so here I am doing just that! Enjoy! Glass Cups with Bamboo Lids – I am obsessed with the way these look and just their overall nicenessContinue reading “Best Amazon Items For You and Your Home”

Birthday Month!

Yes, it’s March so that means it’s my birthday month and that means I’ve got goals, goals, and more goals!HOORAY! So – what are they? Let’s talk about them! For starters, and endings I guess since this is all I got LOL I want my books to have a great month.Especially since I’m working onContinue reading “Birthday Month!”

Renovations and More!

Guess who’s home with Covid!?ME!So here I am to tell you what I’ve been doing, not doing, and really showing off our NEW DEN!!!I love it so much I can’t wait to show you!!! And don’t forget you can head here – to shop the things in my home that I’ll show you here!Continue reading “Renovations and More!”

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

If you’re looking for a good Valentine’s Day Gift Guide you’ve come to the right place!We’ve got some great stuff for you – so check it out! Ugg Classic Ankle Boots – Red – I am OBSESSED with ugg boots just like anyone who loves to keep their feet warm and comfy – soContinue reading “Valentine’s Day Gift Guide”

Just Some of My Favorite Things

It’s been a while – I think I welcomed you to the new year and ran away.I’ve been busy – I’m sorry!But here I am not and let me tell you, I’m ready for ya!I’ve done a lot – working, relaxing, reading – and I’m going to share some of my favorite things for allContinue reading “Just Some of My Favorite Things”