Benny Update – PreSurgery June 15th

Hey guys – I feel like this is the easiest way to keep EVERYONE who loves Benny updated on his surgery and I will TRY to post weekly updates on how he’s doing post surgery so everyone is informed.
Thank you for being amazing supporters!
We love you!

June 15th –
Today is our last day of rest/fun before surgery things.
Tomorrow – June 16th – we go in for a slight sedation and to check Benny’s heart/all around to make sure he’s good and ready to go for surgery on Friday.
I will drop him off at 8:00AM tomorrow (Thursday) and pick him up later in the day.
I will also drop him off at 8:00 AM on Friday and we aren’t sure if we will get to pick him up later that day or not.
I guess depending on how the surgery goes we will know but we don’t know now and I hate that.
But we’ve got to be positive, right?

Today I will get his soft kennel in so I can get it set up in the living room so when we come home he has a place to lay and be comfortable.
I also need to get him some doggie booties for after his surgery so he doesn’t slip on the floor when walking and Eric has to find a way to make the stairs a ramp for Friday since he isn’t supposed to go up and down stairs after his surgery.
There’s a lot going on we didn’t even think of so I say today is a ‘day of rest’ but really it’s a day of ‘how do I figure out how to get everything done I didn’t think about before surgery‘ and I am having heart palpitations I think….lol.

Last night we were watching TV together and having a fun time – it was precious.

Sometimes you just need to watching true crime documentaries and hold your doggos hand to have a good time.
and that’s all we did!

Like I Said before I will update you as much as I can… or remember.. or want to LOL but hopefully it will be a once a week update!


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