Pre-Surgery Things – June 16th

Today we got up bright and early to take Benny to the vet to get his x-rays and blood taken to make sure he was in tip top shape to have surgery tomorrow!
He was excited until we got there and then he GOT OUT OF HIS COLLAR and bolted towards the door like ‘aren’t we leaving?‘ LOL
I was like sorry he’s not bad for real he’s just not wanting me to leave him… poor baby.

I left him there to get checked up on and then went to my moms with Cash to hang out until he was done.
Cash is a wild man so it was a wild time but all in all we were glad we went over there so we could have a little fun during this time that makes me crazy.

At 2:30 we went and picked Benny up and he was ready to go!
And still as precious as ever.
They said the doctor has everything she needs for tomorrow so I guess that means he’s good to go and he will be rocking and rolling for surgery in the morning.
YAY! Good boy!

Now he’s got a little shaved arm and a bandaid thing and he’s ready to be lazy tonight before we have to get up and have a big day tomorrow!
My little babyyyyy.
Make sure to send him all the good vibes on Friday!
AND make sure to send some to my friend Brianna too since she’s got ankle surgery on the same day!
Can’t these two get it together so I don’t have to worry about anyone?!
They must have planned this… that’s the only way.

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