Hummingbirds and Their Feeders

Who knew that when I grew up I would turn into the lady from Harriet the Spy?
Oh wait… I did.

If you don’t remember there is a part in the movie when Harriet and her friends go to this ladies house and her backyard has ALL kinds of cool stuff in it.
Windmill things – big and small.
Bird baths/feeders.
I always loved that back yard and have ALWAYS said I want my yard like that when I grow up.

I am on my way.

I have 2 humming bird feeders and I just bought a Shepard’s hook kind of thing to hang them on and it looks so good!

I got both of my feeders in stores – one at Walmart and one at Orschelns.
But I do have my eye on more on Amazon! LOL
My teacup feeder is on Amazon so you can try to get it there but I don’t know anyting about the seller to tell you if it’s good or not! –
It has one 5 star review so hopefully that’s a good sign!
There are some blue, glass feeders on Amazon too but not one exactly like mine.
This one is really pretty –
And this is the hook I got to hang mine on –
If you’re looking for some simple, plastic, regular ol feeders then head here for a great deal –

Just a good list of humming bird things!
No biggie

I mean they’re adorable – why not make a whole post about them!?

If you’ve got any recommendations for what ones are the best let me know.
I want MORE AND MORE! lol


PS – if you’d like to help raise money for our dogs surgery head here to get your bracelet for Benny –



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