It Was The Best of Times… The Worst of Times

What was supposed to be an awesome and enchanting weekend turned into an awesomely-soaked weekend.
But it’s fine.

This past weekend my husband and I traveled to Nashville to see Taylor Swift.
Which is a BUCKET LIST item for me.
Big time.
The only concert I really care about seeing.

No pressure.

Who’s tired? Not us.

We made our way Saturday and we had no plans that day but to hang out with my cousin, Erin, who lives there and we haven’t seen since Christmas.
Me and Erin grew up together and have always been pretty close and we DO NOT see each other enough so this was a perfect time to make that happen.
And since she lives there she can show us what to do – because we had no clue. LOL

We bopped around downtown for a while. We had lunch at Margaritaville and rubbed it in my Dad’s face.
We went to a few bars and finally settled on a bar further down towards the river called Famous where we could actually sit and chat and have some drinks and enjoy.
It was nice!

The next morning we got up BRIGHT and EARLY to go see the Zoo.
We had never been to the Zoo in Nashville so we were pretty excited to see what was going to be there and how it was.
And lemme just say – it was REALLY nice!
If you have not been to the Nashville Zoo then you should go – right now!

I was in LOVE with the flamingos but then was in AWE that there were kangaroos I could pet and love on.
Not too much – lol but you got to walk through their habitat and pet them if they were on the path and the baby Kangaroo was SO CUTE I could not stand it.

Of course, these are not ALL the pics I took LOL But I did not want to bombard you with you all my pics. But they were so cute and the Zoo was so nice and had lots of shade and the tickets were not a bad price at all!
I definitely recommend going.

The worst happened.

IT STARTED TO STORM on our way to the concert.
In the pouring down rain.
To get to the stadium to stand…
and stand…
and stand…
well.. you get it.

Cold… Miserable…

The show was supposed to start at 6:30 so we got there around 5:30.
And we waited in the rain/storms that happened for a good 2.5 hours.
I am not sure I have ever been so cold LOL!
And standing in basically a spandex bodysuit and a mesh top didn’t help.
With the lightning still happening and the storms seeming like they were never going to give up we made the decision to leave.
1. I was so cold I had to get somewhere warm and out of those clothes ASAP and
2. we truly thought they were going to cancel the show.

They did not.

Around 10 – 10:30, Taylor Swift went on and we missed it.
But I am glad for everyone who stayed that she did go on – I bet it was amazing.
I was at our hotel snuggled up in bed after the hottest shower I have ever taken – but I will definitely always remember this as a story to tell.
Even though I was sad – and still am a little bit – all in all, we had a great trip to Nashville, and maybe one day I’ll get to see Taylor Swift!
So I can check her off my bucket list!

We went and got Hard Rock clothes and food! LOL

Definitely need to go back – we had a blast all things considered!



Published by Ashli Ferguson

Dog mom, wife, podcast host and all around cool kid. I love Halloween, Disney, and Books! Writing has always been fun for me so blogging is a perfect outlet for me on all fronts. I also published 2 books! (so far!) I hope you enjoy!

3 thoughts on “It Was The Best of Times… The Worst of Times

  1. I was not expecting that end! I remember watching one Florence and the Machine live performance, and it was raining. I was surprised with how well she handled the situation. She was still really engaging with the audience. Performers are really something else! It’s a good thing you did not stay though. I would have done the same thing, cause I get sick pretty easily. I’m glad you still enjoyed your trip to Nashville! I don’t really travel so it was fun to read about your trip! One day I might do some traveling around of my own so I can have these experiences for myself too!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Lol. I can imagine! And yes, Florence really was amazing! From what I saw in the video the audience looked like they were having a lot of fun despite the rain! Florence too! She was lively!


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