Self Care Ideas

I have learned that I take hardly any time for myself and hardly any time to take care of myself so I know it’s time to up the self care game and make myself a priority.So let’s find some awesome self care things! Rose Quartz Face Roller I have one of these and IContinue reading “Self Care Ideas”

Let’s Talk Self Care

Ahhh self care.Always sounds amazing but how many of us ACTUALLY do self care like we’re supposed to?I’ll wait for you to figure out your answer.Ready for my answer?An hour a day.THAT IS IT!That is the only time I do anything for myself – and really it’s only an hour a day for 5 daysContinue reading “Let’s Talk Self Care”

31 Days of Self Love

It’s been a time this year of 2021 – so I decided for the last month of the year to do 31 days of self love on my YouTube channel.Every single day I hope on my channel, upload a small video and tell you one small thing to do for the day for yourself.One smallContinue reading “31 Days of Self Love”