Scale It Down

I am ALWAYS on the look for an awesome scale – we currently have one from Walmart that tells you your weight and that’s it – but I am looking into two and I have no idea which one to get.
Let’s see what you think! Have you used any of these scales? I need a good one!

Body Fat Scale – Digital Scale, Wireless

I love me a good scale that sends all the stuff to my phone and shows me my BMI and more. This scale seems to be the one – also it’s cheap which is my style LOL!

The reviews on it are really good and I am REALLY thinking I need to purchase it.
I had a FitBit scale before and loved it but it started having issues and it never came back from that.

Withings Body+ Scale, WiFi

Withings is Amazon’s choice for a scale and I have heard some things about them before and this looks really like a good scale!

This one is a little higher in price but it seems to be a REALLY good scale so spending the extra money may be good for this scale and the stuff it does but if you are like me then the other scale is the way to go.

Which one do I get?!
Do you have one that you use that is different than these that you’d recommend?

Let me know in the comments!

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