Workout Favorites!

Yesssss of course I love anything workout – pants, shoes, clothes, equipment… whatever it is I’m gonna love it.
I don’t know why – I just do.
SOOOOO I am going to share some of my favorites with you! You’re welcome!

Yoga Pants! – Click here to shop!

You should have known that up first was going to be yoga pants AND YES they have pockets! Shouldn’t they all?
They are true to size and the colors they have are awesome! I personally love the Sapphire blue color but I am a sucker for blue!
They have a lot of different colors to choose from so get your yoga on with these comfy, pocket yoga pants!

Running Shoes – Click here to shop!

If I am going to get ANY kind of shoe that is sports related then it’s going to be UA and it’s going to be the Surge shoes. I don’t know why but I LOVE them and have had them in black and white and I will buy them until they don’t make them anymore.
They’re my favorite AND they fit so well!
If you’re looking for running/walking shoes I would DEFINITELY look into these!

Yoga Mat – Click here to shop!

Now when it comes to Yoga Mat’s I am PICKY!!!
I need them to be thick enough for my hands to not hurt but not thick enough they’re sliding all over the floor and this yoga mat has me happy as a clam!
Seriously I use this yoga mat every single day – I have the pink one but I also love the black one.
Maybe I should get one of those too to have options! LOL
This mat is awesome and I 100% recommend it!

Tank Top 3 Pack – Click here to shop!

I have so many tank tops my husband told me I “belonged on the Jersey Shore tv show” and that’s fine with me LOL
I love them – they’re comfy and just the best….. SO when you can get a 3 pack for this price? Sign me up!
There are a few color options but I always go for the one that has a black option!
Black is slimming, right? And it’s always a good option!

I hope some of these help you too!

Some of these links ARE affiliate links which means – at no cost to you – we earn if you shop!


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