My Favorite Bathroom Things!

Weird title right?
But honestly – my bathroom is small and it needs to smell good and be organized.
Soooooo let me show you some of my favorite bathroom things!
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Magnetic Pin Holder

If you’re like me and have a billion bobby pins then you need this holder!
It’s made for sewing but it works perfectly for bobby pins and that is what I need!
Shop here –

Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Gel Toilet Bowl Cleaning Stamps, Gel 

I literally have this on subscribe and save so I get it monthly – even though I don’t need it monthly – but I like to have it at home in case.
You literally stamp the gel into the toilet bowl by the rim and it provides a fresh smell all the time – ESPECIALLY when the toilet’s flushed.
It’s a great smell and I love it!
Shop here –

Orimade Adhesive Shower Caddy Shelf with 5 Hooks

Honestly my bathroom is SMALL so any kind of organization is helpful – and hanging things on the wall is the easiest for me!
Enter shower caddy shelf – WITH HOOKS! – I put this on the back wall of my shower and put all my stuff in there so my bathroom is clean and looks nice.
Shop here –


Published by Ashli Ferguson

Wife. Podcast host. Dog mom.

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