Cute Little Squishmallows!

You know – once you start collecting things you can’t stop.I have a ton of Funko Pops and now I’ve started a (small) Disney Squishmallow collection.Send help. I found my first two – Mickey and Minnie – at good ol Walmart and it started the trend.Now thankfully I don’t have a TON…. YET… but soContinue reading “Cute Little Squishmallows!”

Music Lovers! Unite!

My husband has always loved music.Playing it.Listening to it.Whatever it is – he’s gonna love it.So for his birthday this year we did a music theme and got him everything he needs to make music, have it look great and sound even better!SOO if you love music this blogs for you because I am goingContinue reading “Music Lovers! Unite!”

Life and Dog Update – June 20th

Well Happy Monday (if you’re reading this on Monday!) and happy any other day to those of you reading this on a different day!I hope whatever day it’s going well. Since Bennys surgery on the 17th we’ve been getting by pretty well – I am actually shocked at how well things are going.Which can beContinue reading “Life and Dog Update – June 20th”

Book Review – The Last Time I Lied

As you know I run a book club over at Wildflower Book Club on Patreon and we read a book a month! So I thought I would write reviews on each book we read after I’ve read them – and depending on how fast I read them you can probably tell if the book isContinue reading “Book Review – The Last Time I Lied”

Gilmore Girls Fans Unite!

I am a Gilmore Girl fan 100%.Aren’t we all?It was such a great show – and still is a great show – and they keep pumping out stuff I want and need to take home with me and I thought I’d share some of that with you!Let’s go broke as friends! LOL!! The Gilmore GirlsContinue reading “Gilmore Girls Fans Unite!”

Weirdo Dogs and Life

Well well well…Look what the dog drug in!It’s Cash, leaning on his mom and acting like a weirdoooooo. Who knows what he does or why he does it.But he’s funny! I love how my dogs keep me on my toes and keep us laughing.They’re so fun and so enjoyable to have that it makes meContinue reading “Weirdo Dogs and Life”

Readers Gonna Read

That’s right folks – I have been reading like a madwoman lately and I can’t stop.SO I thought I would come and recommend some books for you to read JUST IN CASE you needed them.I personally love reading snuggled up with my dogs and by the pool so now’s the perfect time to read! WhereContinue reading “Readers Gonna Read”

Let’s Get a Whiter Smile!

Ohhhhh I sometimes order things and hope they’re gonna work and this product is definitely one of them! It’s the iSmile teeth whitening kit!It had great reviews so I was like ‘okay… sign me up’ lol!!! I made a YouTube video showing the unboxing and process of it – it’s awesome and super easy!Continue reading “Let’s Get a Whiter Smile!”

March 2022 Marvel Collectors Corps UnBoxing!

Happy Monday everyone!I got my new Marvel Collectors Corps box in and unboxed it for you per usual!Wanna check it out and see all the goodies? Watch the video below! I personally loved this box – but I love all things Marvel and Disney+!Let me know what you think! xoxo

Laptop Lap Desk!

Happy Monday folks and happy early birthday to me!My actual birthday isn’t until March 22 but I got a gift in the mail that I am IN LOVE WITH and will be using every single day. It’s a laptop lap desk and I am already obsessed with it!I had it on my Amazon Wish ListContinue reading “Laptop Lap Desk!”