Surprise! It’s A Safari Park!

Honestly – does anyone ever know what they’re doing?
Today I went with my husband to my grandmas house so he could finish painting and then we went to eat lunch when he got done.
That was the plan of the day – but we got to talking about how there was a Safari Park near by and next thing you know we’re on our way there!

We probably needed to walk off the Olive Garden we just ate – but whatever.

None of us had ever been there before – it’s small and kind of hard to find but it was so fun and so cute!
They had petting zoo’s, you could feed the animals and even do animal encounters with a sloth, python, alligator or a baby lemur – I definitely did not choose the python.
It was an all around good time!

The park – if you’re in Missouri ever – is called Lazy L’s Safari Park and it’s adorable and we 100% suggest you go!
Here’s pics for proof.

This was definitely not all the animals they had – but the baby lemur was ADORABLE and I wanted to keep her.
The goats were funny too – one of them ripped my bag of food open and then looked at me like it was my fault too LOL
They kept nipping at our shirts and shorts like FEED US and I was like ‘well maybe if you wouldn’t have ripped my bag of food open I would‘.
But it was all in all a good time!

Take the adventures – you’ll enjoy it!


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