Dexter – New Blood


Dexter Morgan (Jim Lindsay, now) is BACK in Dexter – New Blood and we watched it on Hulu today and let me just say….. Tonight’s The Night!

We have Showtime on Hulu – well we literally just got it for Dexter – New Blood – and it was only 1.99 when we upgraded to get it!
Showtime app I want to say is $10 but I’m not sure if there is a promo or anything going around for it now or not.
But that’s not the point of this post.

Dexter – New Blood is taking us back to the Dexter we loved in season 1.
The funny, sarcastic serial killer of sorts we all know and love and let me say it’s going to be an AMAZING season!
The first episode brought you in easy and woke you up quick – it’s going to be a fast paced show rom what I can tell and if you love Dexter you’re going to love this!

I’ve decided now that I want to read the Dexter books – because fun fact – Dexter was originally based off of books!

There’s 8 books for the whole series and I don’t think the show follows them religiously after the first book but I really don’t know so don’t hold me to that! lol
But I am going to want to read them as soon as they’re back in stock!
I’ll keep an eye out for all of us!

If you’ve read the books let me know what you think – worth it? not worth it?
Do they follow the books after season 1 or kind of take it from their own perspective?
AHHH I need to read them now.




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