Merry Christmas Eve!

It’s Christmas Eve and I’m running off of 4 hours of sleep!
Yea – that’s right.
My lovely father decided to text me at 6:30 this morning when we didn’t go to sleep until like 2:30 because we stayed up watching the Paradise Lost documentaries on HBOmax because we thought ‘tomorrow is Christmas Eve, we don’t have to get up early so we can stay up late, sleep in and still have plenty of time to be ready to go to Christmas Eve by 3:30 since we have to be there at 4:00!’.
Now I’m tired and ready for fights LOL!!!
And you know what was so important?
I’m like that better be for me for it to be text to us at 6:38 AM.

No description available.

I tried to go back to sleep before I responded at 7:52 but I was basically fighting a losing battle between the dogs and me just being awake so….
Merry Christmas Eve.
I need a nap.

Benny and Cash are ready for Christmas and that’s really the whole point of this post.
To show off how cute they were this morning when I was clipping hair clips to them that I got at Walgreens to get them in the Christmas spirit.
I am obsessed.

I clipped it to their fur and took a ton of pictures.
I kept telling them Santa was coming and they kept cocking their heads to the left and right like WHAT?! WHO?! COMING WHERE?!
It was adorable.
I should have taken a video but alas – I did not.

I did get a cute video of Cash for Tiktok that you can watch here –
It’s adorable and Santa needs to bring him all the treats.
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Benny was over us at this point so he didn’t join in but he is all over our TikTok so you can get some cute stuff of him too.

But for now we’re going to go eat breakfast, shower and get ready for Christmas festivities!

We hope no matter what you celebrate that you have a wonderful holiday season!
Stay safe, stay happy, and stay amazing!



Published by Ashli Ferguson

Dog mom, wife, podcast host and all around cool kid. I love Halloween, Disney, and Books! Writing has always been fun for me so blogging is a perfect outlet for me on all fronts. I also published 2 books! (so far!) I hope you enjoy!

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