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Christmas came and went like that – as usual – and of course I have been sifting through my gifts making sure things are where they go and clothes are hung up and on and on and on.
But one thing I got for Christmas goes in the bathroom to make my skin beautiful, my sinus’ clear and my body smell amazing and that’s an awesome gift box from Someday Soap LLC!

Someday Soap LLC is on a mission to help others.
Their goal is to provide luxurious products while giving back to their local Safe House for women.

They were a hit at Christmas – I got one and so did my cousin, aunt, and stepmom so we all are going to smell and look amazing AND with the sinus shower relief tabs we’re going to be able to smell that we smell amazing.
Living in Missouri where you never know what the weather is going to be you’re not ever sure if you are going to be able to breathe so I was EXCITED to get those in this box!

Want me to stop jabbering and get to what’s inside?
Let’s look shall we?

First up is just the box itself – SO ADORABLE – I want to keep it even after I am done with all the products to just store stuff in.
I am OBSESSED with the floral design and the colors.
It’s so cute.
I am all about colors and what things look like to pull me in and if I was just shopping in a store I would definitely be drawn to this before I even knew what it was because if the way it looks!

AND we’ve opened the box!
Look at all these goodies!
The mask itself is ADORABLE!!!
That blue is my favorite color and I know it wasn’t planned so I was excited to see it – just a happy coincidence!
The packing is cute, it’s not messy and when you pull things out the fringe paper does NOT get all over the place because she’s packed it so well and that’s a blessing in disguise.

From left to right we’ve got –
Top row – Stress Free Aromatherapy Epsom Salt Bath Salts, Sleep Mask and Black Raspberry Lotion Bar.
Bottom row – Sinus Relief Shower Steamers, Bar of Soap (that smells AMAZING) and Scrubber.
This box is FANTASTIC and I can’t wait to use all these products.

I am definitely most excited about the Sinus Shower Steamers because with the weather going on right now I cannot breathe from one day to the next but that lotion bar is looking amazing too!

I have purchased soaps from Someday Soap LLC before so I know their soap is amazing but these other products are new to their shop and new to me so I am super excited to try them and see how amazing they are – because if they are anything like their soap I know how awesome they’re going to be!

So if you’re interested in checking out Someday Soap LLC you can find them here –
Website –
Facebook –
Instagram –

I give them a 10/10 – so check them out and feel amazing!




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