Get You a Plournal!

If you know me (I feel like I say that a lot on here lol) but if you do you know I love me a good journal and a good planner.
I always have and I always will.
Who can blame me – they’re amazing – BUT I got one for Christmas that has changed the game!
It does advertise for teens but I am a 33 year old woman and it works perfectly for me too so it doesn’t HAVE to be for teens only.
It’s the Plournal by Ella Rose Originals!

HI! I am Ella Rose! A teenage entrepreneur that created this hand-drawn Plournal™ (Planner + Journal). COVID hit & during quarantine I got CREATIVE! Every page is custom designed and hand-drawn by ME on bullet paper.

Ella Rose Originals Facebook Page

Honestly I am obsessed with it – it’s so cute, it’s HAND DRAWN and it’s so perfect for planning, journaling and my mental health!
Yes! She even has mood journaling in there – I swear – it’s so fun!

AND it fits in my purse! So I can take it with me all the time – so that’s an awesome plus!
The last planner I had didn’t fit in my purse and I HATED that so much.

Isn’t is gorgeous?!
I don’t want to post a lot of pictures of the inside and give it away but you can find a sneak peek of the inside on her website here –

You can also find Ella Rose Originals on –
Facebook –
Instagram –
Etsy Shop –

You will not want to miss out on getting your hands on one of these awesome plournals – and if not for you get one for someone you know will love it!
It’s perfect for anyone, no matter the age as I am here to tell you, and it’s something to keep track of things in a colorful, fun way.
10/10 recommend!

Being a small business owner I love spreading the word about other small business owners and that’s why I loved talking about Someday Soaps LLC and now Ella Rose Originals.
Both get a 10/10 from me!




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