Back on Track for 2022

Yes, yes!
I am getting back on track with my fitness goals for 2022 and I AM going to reach my goals!
I have made it a promise to myself and to my personal trainer – it’s going to happen.
You can vouch for me if you’d like – keep me in line if you have to – whatever we’ve got to do as a team LOL because it’s going to happen before I lose my mind.
I HAVE GOT TO BE HAPPY and it’s about time I did it.
No one can do it but me – so I’ve got to do it.

On my fitness Instagram I posted this today –

Good morning from me and my heating pad! 😂 While I get some computer work done this morning I’m relaxing in bed with the dogs and laying on the heating pad. I finally was able to sign back up with Adam and I am so excited because I have been miserable lately about not losing weight and being unhappy with my body so this is exciting and makes me very happy for what’s to come. 😍 I am thrilled! @adamwrightfitness Can’t wait to to start my journey at the gym later!

Instagram via ashliandericgetfit

It’s going to happen I’m telling you.
So yes I did sign back up with Adam because I KNOW it works for me and yes I AM excited to get in the gym and get my life together.
And yes, my husband will be joining my along my journey so expect to see him too.
Ahhh – I am thrilled.

You can definitely follow my fitness journey here but I won’t be posting as much on here about it as I will on our fitness dedicated accounts so if you want to keep up a lot more follow us on one or all of the socials below!

Facebook –
Instagram –
TikTok –

I’ll also be doing weekly vlogs on my YouTube too –

I am excited, ready and this is going to happen for me so 2022 is my year.
I’m gonna kick it’s ass.


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