Book of the Month Books! – July

I love Book of the Month!
It’s fun, it’s cool to see books I never would have heard of, and it’s always fun to get mail!

What is Book of the Month? (BOTM)

Book of the Month is a United States subscription-based e-commerce service that offers a selection of five to seven new hardcover books each month to its members.
You can add books to your monthly subscription as well.
AND if you aren’t sure about a book for a certain month you can skip and use that credit next month!

How do you join BOTM?

Join here –
When you use this link to sign up you get your first book discounted!
Heck yeah!

My books for July!

This month I got 2 books!
I had 2 credits so I was excited and thought I would put them to good use!

First Born by Will Dean – When her sister turns up dead across the ocean, a young woman is sent on an exhilarating search for answers.
(shop it on Amazon here – )

Pretty Little Wife by Darby Kane – Till death do us part gets a whole new meaning in this twisted domestic suspense about a dead husband gone missing.
(shop it on Amazon here – )

Aren’t they so pretty?
I love me a good, pretty book!
Also just a good book to read.
But we all know a good looking book pulls you in ASAP!

I can’t wait to read them!
Right now I am reading the book The Whisper Man for our Book Club so when that’s done I’ll have to start one of these – but who knows which one I will pick!
Choices, Choices!

Join our book club here –

It looks good and creepy, right?!
I can’t wait to get further into it!

I just finished A Flicker in the Dark – you can read my review on that book here – but I definitely recommend it!

That’s enough about books – for now!
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