The Housemaid’s Secret

If you know me at all you know I love reading thriller/mystery books and I have to know how they end and end up reading them ridiculously fast – and let me tell you – that is how I read this ARC of The Housemaid’s Secret! I received an ARC for The Housemaid’s Secret viaContinue reading “The Housemaid’s Secret”

Holy December

I truly did not realize it was December today!! Proof LOL!!! I saw it on Facebook and was like wait – what?I have been sick though… so I blame that.But since we’re finally on the same page let’s make it official. HAPPY DECEMBER!!! We’ve also got book club ready for this month too – it’sContinue reading “Holy December”

Books I Read In October

Listen – before you get onto me – I’ve been busy!So October was 2 books… I’m sorry!But two is better than nothing for recommendations, right?I think so! Killers of a Certain Age – They’ve spent their lives as the deadliest assassins in a clandestine international organization, but now that they’re sixty years old, fourContinue reading “Books I Read In October”

November Book Club Book

If you’re in our book club then you already know what November’s book is – but if not…Well, I will share it with you.Join Book Club Here – For November we are reading The Lost Village by Camilla Sten – and I am so excited.I have wanted to read this book for aContinue reading “November Book Club Book”

Books I Read In September!

Ahh yes – Back to the books I’ve read.Aren’t you excited?I know you love a good book recommendation as much as I do so that’s why I try to keep you posted – when I remember LOL!So here I am and here you are.Let’s get into it. Daisy Jones and the Six – 5/5Continue reading “Books I Read In September!”

Spooky Books 2!

WELL remember how I mentioned I had more books for you spooky readers?!I’m back and ready to tell you all about them!We love a good spooky book – so let’s just get started! The Lost Village – Camilla Sten – The Blair Witch Project meets Midsommar in this brilliantly disturbing thriller from Camilla Sten, an electrifying newContinue reading “Spooky Books 2!”

Books I Read In August!

Back again with more books I’ve read !August was a slow month compared to other months… I don’t know why I’ve been in a reading slump lately but I was so August is slim pickings book wise.I’M SORRY!!! Don’t hold it against me.I’ll read more in September just to make up for it!But here’s theContinue reading “Books I Read In August!”

Spooky Mornings and Secret Discounts

Goooood morning from me, Cashs butt, and Pennywise – but according to my mug NOT Carole Baskin. We love a good Spooky morning around here.Caramel coffee, Pennywise and Snuggles – what could be any better?Maybe sleeping in a little more – but what can ya do when you wake up early, ready to rock andContinue reading “Spooky Mornings and Secret Discounts”

The Books I Read In July

I read a few books in July and let me tell you – they were all good!So I thought I would make a list and tell you where to get them/about them so you can read them too! The Whisper Man – After the sudden death of his wife, Tom Kennedy believes a freshContinue reading “The Books I Read In July”

Book of the Month Books! – July

I love Book of the Month!It’s fun, it’s cool to see books I never would have heard of, and it’s always fun to get mail! LOL!! What is Book of the Month? (BOTM) Book of the Month is a United States subscription-based e-commerce service that offers a selection of five to seven new hardcover booksContinue reading “Book of the Month Books! – July”