Disney Rings and Curtain Lights

Hey guys and happy Monday! (or whatever day you’re reading this!)
What’s new with you!?

This weekend we had a good time – went to eat, shopped a little, went to eat again.
I mean you gotta have food, right?!

We just really wanted to spend the day out of the house and had no plans of really shopping much.
But when we got to JcPenny that all changed.
Our ten year anniversary is this year – not until October – and I told Eric what I want is a new ring.
When we got married I had my lovely engagement ring and then we bought our wedding rings from Walmart.
Which was fine and I love my rings but I’ve never really had anything nice or like a set that actually goes together.
And if you know me you know I eyeball the Disney collection of rings – they’re gorgeous and I love them.
I had one picked out – from Aladdin – so we went to the jewelry counter to see if they had it so I could see what it looked like in person to make sure it was the one I wanted in October.
They didn’t have that one BUT they had one that was even better.
A Frozen 2 ring.
It was square, it was my birthstone and it was also on sale.
I was like omgggg that is amazing and that’s the one I will want when it’s time.
He said ‘it’s time’ and we bought it!
I said ‘it’s not our anniversary, what are you buying this now for?
He said ‘because it may not be here then, you love this ring – let’s get it now and you know you have the one you want.
I couldn’t believe it.
Plus it being on a major sale helped LOL!!
I can’t stop looking at it!

I literally show it to him all the time and ask if he’s seen it yet.
Just wondering. LOL!

We also found these CHEAP curtain lights for our living room – you can get your own set here – https://amzn.to/3IrIvDI but I am OBSESSED with how they look.
You’re definitely going to want some.

I mean at night?!
It looks amazing!
Even my husband was impressed and he’s not normally impressed by the little things!
He said ‘dang we need to get some more of those‘.
hahahaha I was like okay sure!

So basically we had a good weekend and I hope you did too!
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