Holy December

I truly did not realize it was December today!!

Proof LOL!!!

I saw it on Facebook and was like wait – what?
I have been sick though… so I blame that.
But since we’re finally on the same page let’s make it official.

We’ve also got book club ready for this month too – it’s gonna be a GOOD one!!

We’ve officially got the book discussion posts ready for you!!
If you’re in book club then we’re ready!
If you’re not in book club come join us!! You’re totally missing out!


I am excited about December – especially that week off of work – LOL because I plan on catching up on A LOT of reading!!
I am way behind – jobs don’t just allow reading on the job – unless you’re a paid reader and if you are plz tell me how you got that job.
I’d be perfect for it!

So far December is starting of stressful LOL considering I didn’t even know it was here – but I’m gonna change that.
I need to get my life together.
Start working out again…
Eating healthier…
BEING healthier…
I can’t be unhealthy when I go see Taylor Swift – I’ve got to be able to sing and dance all night! DUH!

I’ll channel Winston the whole time.
I promise.

I’ve got some fun things coming for you later and also next year.
It’s been fun thinking about what you’d like to read and I think I’ve got some great things coming for you.
I know – you can’t wait.

As for now I’ll leave you with enjoying the first day of December that I didn’t know was here and seeing you next time.


Published by Ashli Ferguson

Dog mom, wife, podcast host and all around cool kid. I love Halloween, Disney, and Books! Writing has always been fun for me so blogging is a perfect outlet for me on all fronts. I also published 2 books! (so far!) I hope you enjoy!

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