Kindle Unlimited Favorites

I am a huge fan of Kindle Unlimited now that I am back into reading.
I borrow those books like I am never going to be able to borrow again – and I love it!
So I thought since a lot of my readers like to read too that I would make a list of my favorite Kindle Unlimited books for you!

Let’s go!

Barefoot Magic and Blooming Wallflowers

It would be a CRIME not to list my own books – right?
But it’s true – both of my books are on Kindle Unlimited and they’re ready for you to read and enjoy! They’re books of poems and shorts that anyone will love and you can read at your own pace – no rush!

Barefoot Magic –
Blooming Wallflowers –

The Housemaids Secret

I am a HUGE Freida McFadden fan so when the Sequel to the Housemaid came out I jumped at the chance to read it and of COURSE it did not disappoint!
Now – if you haven’t read The Housemaid you definitely need to read that one first (find it here – )
But if you have read it you can find The Housemaids Secret on Kindle Unlimited and read it ASAP!
The Housemaid’s Secret –

Scarlet Sorrow – A Tried and True Novel

My current read and I am loving every minute of it – this is book 1 of 2 that are OUT so far but 3 is coming soon! By author Charli Rahe Scarlet Sorry is about a family never spoken of, a past shrouded in deception where hybrid humans walk the surreal landscapes of hidden islands now severed from the world. 
It’s going to be a great one I can tell – so you should definitely read it with me and then the others too!
Scarlet Sorrow –

The New Years Party

Now this book is a Novella so it’s short and to the point but it’s SO GOOD I had to add it to my list. I was not disappointed in the ending – that of course I didn’t see coming!
When Carrie and Andy attend a high-class New Year’s Eve Party, they’re looking forward to closing out the year in style. But then they meet Martin and Michaela, a couple who haven’t just come out for champagne and fireworks. They have a New Year’s resolution, and it’s very unusual.
The New Year’s Party –

The Hunger Games Trilogy

I LOVE the Hunger Games so when I saw they were on Kindle Unlimited I snatched them up – not that I don’t have them in book form but it’s always easier to lug around my kindle than to lug around books! LOL
The Hunger Games –
Catching Fire –
Mockingjay –

Some of my favorites that are on Kindle but not Kindle Unlimted are –

The House Across The Lake –

Survive The Night –

Final Girls –

Daisy Jones and the Six –

The Haunting of Ashburn House –

Daisy Darker –

I hope you enjoy!
And if you have any book recommendations for me let me know!



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