Readers Gonna Read

That’s right folks – I have been reading like a madwoman lately and I can’t stop.SO I thought I would come and recommend some books for you to read JUST IN CASE you needed them.I personally love reading snuggled up with my dogs and by the pool so now’s the perfect time to read! WhereContinue reading “Readers Gonna Read”

I Wrote a Book!!!

That’s right – I wrote a book!After YEARS of not writing I decided to finally get back into it and I am so excited about it you don’t even know.It’s on Amazon in Paperback and on Kindle and I am so thrilled about it it’s unreal – you can get your copy here – reading “I Wrote a Book!!!”

Join Our Book Club!

Book clubs aren’t the thing of the past with us and we’re having so much fun!Wildflower Book Club just started last month and we’re already having a great time in our club! book of the month was You’ll Be the Death of Me and it was AWESOME! I read that book really fast –Continue reading “Join Our Book Club!”

Bookmarks by Mirkwood Scribes

OOOHHH yes I love me some books.I have so many books in my house it’s ridiculous but I keep thinking I need more and more. You know what I don’t have enough of?BOOKMARKS! I always use a picture of a piece of mail or something odd to mark my place and I always wonder whyContinue reading “Bookmarks by Mirkwood Scribes”