Detective Kindle Unlimited

I have been reading KU books like they’re going out of style – and I am obsessed.
They just keep recommending them and I can’t say so so here I am, books deep in a detective series after just finishing ANOTHER detective series and I can’t stop.

But I thought my reading is your gain because here I am to recommend them to you.
You’re welcome

First up – The Jack Cashen series by Declan James.

To say I read these fast would be an understatement.
I DEVOURED this series.
Book 4 is not out yet but it WILL be coming out this year – but the first three in this series are so good and I could not stop reading them.
If you head here – you can find the whole series and if you have Kindle Unlimited you can read them for free with your subscription!
And I definitely recommend it.

I’m currently reading the Sherrif Elven Hallie series by Drew Strickland – and I can’t stop reading these either!

There are currently 5 books published (I am on book 2) and the 6th one comes out later this year – and again – I am reading these as fast as I can because I just have to know what’s going on.
You can find this series here – – and if you have Kindle Unlimited you can read these free with your subscription as well!

I don’t know how I got these books but I am glad I did.
My poor books that I have at home are just being neglected LOL but these are calling to me and I need to finish them ASAP!

You need to read them and then let me know.
And then let me know what books you are enjoying too!



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