Air Fryer Bacon!

Let me tell you – ever since we got an Air Fryer I have been cooking ANYTHING I can in this bad boy and today I decided it was time to try bacon!

Air Fryer GIFs | Tenor

It’s got to work, right?
It totally works and it’s soooooo good.

I love me some crispy bacon and you can definitely tell it’s less greasy cooking it this way which is good – so if you like crispy, less greasy bacon this is for you!

Air Fryer Bacon
  • Grab whatever bacon you like – we normally use center cut
  • Heat up air fryer to 400 degrees
  • lay about 4-5 pieces in air fryer depending on how big your fryer is (they can overlap a little – that’s not a big deal)
  • Cook on 400* for 10 minutes


It’s tasty!!!
It’s good!
I need more!!
But four pieces is enough lol.

I had those pieces and a Premier Protein shake for breakfast.
And of course my jug of water lol I always have a jug of water!

Have you tried Air Fryer Bacon before?
Let me know!


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