Shake It Out!

I’ve been doing my best for two/three months and kicking butt and lately I thought I would try new things – which meant I wanted to try new food, new shake flavors and more and today I tried a new shake flavor.
Bless it.

I love my Premier Protein shakes – I have one every single day.
But this flavor – well… you’ll see!

Cookies and Cream Taste Test

Yeah – I was not prepared for that LOL!
Sometimes I think “oh trying new things is great!” and then this happens and I’m like oh nevermind.
Stick to what you know, self LOL

BUT I do like the chocolate ones – you can shop them here –
They are full of protein and if you’re like me that’s what you lack most on your daily goals – so I can just drink one of these and be good to go! – shop them now!

They do have a variety of flavors and you can even get the variety box to see what flavor you like!
I’ll be sticking with chocolate! LOL


Published by Ashli Ferguson

Wife. Podcast host. Dog mom.

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