Let’s Backtrack…

Remember that time I posted about how my husband got Covid and I didn’t?You can read all about that here – https://youmeandbenny.com/2022/02/06/a-very-long-week/WELP – A week later ya girl tested positive. That’s right – my ‘sore throat from allergies‘ turned out to be good ol fashioned Covid on Monday morning when that little pink strip testedContinue reading “Let’s Backtrack…”

A Very Long Week

It took a whole 2+ years but one of us finally caught Covid…and it wasn’t me! Last Saturday we went out, had a good day and came home to chill and BAM my husband starts feeling horrible.Body aches, fever of 101.7, headache…. feeling just like total crap.Instantly I was like oh no… it’s happened!It wasContinue reading “A Very Long Week”