Favorite Disney Home Products!

Yes Hi.My name is Ashli and I am a Disney Adult.I LOVE DISNEY SO MUCH so it’s not surprising that I have things for Disney in my house like my croc pot and my waffle maker and so on.It’s fine and I’m fine with it.SOOOOOO I know that there are a lot of Disney loversContinue reading “Favorite Disney Home Products!”

Durable Dog Collars

If your dogs are rough on EVERYTHING like Benny and Cash you’re going to want to pay attention to this post.LOLBut really – my dogs have torn up so many collars it’s unreal – and we’re like how?What do you even do to do this?But somehow they find a way and somehow they always willContinue reading “Durable Dog Collars”

5 Best Lighted Mirrors!

Yes I know you’re not supposed to pick at your face but I do.I also put on makeup, use my little tools to get blackheads off my face and so much more.Of COURSE I need the best mirror to do so – and a portable one because I am short and need it to beContinue reading “5 Best Lighted Mirrors!”