Local Honey and Disney Thrifting!

So my Mom has bees.I told her I don’t wanna mess with them but when she’s got the honey I am gonna need some of that.AND she came through with some honey for me and it looks SO good!And tastes SO good! YUMMY YUMMY!Don’t be jealous of my jar of honey – and thankfully myContinue reading “Local Honey and Disney Thrifting!”

Cute Little Squishmallows!

You know – once you start collecting things you can’t stop.I have a ton of Funko Pops and now I’ve started a (small) Disney Squishmallow collection.Send help. I found my first two – Mickey and Minnie – at good ol Walmart and it started the trend.Now thankfully I don’t have a TON…. YET… but soContinue reading “Cute Little Squishmallows!”

Toy Story Nails

I love to get my nails done but I hardly know what to do and normally just go with a regular French Tip and be done.They always looked great but never were they fun or thrilling.BUT TODAY I finally got my nails done and they are AMAZING!!!I just keep looking at them like ‘ommgggg they’reContinue reading “Toy Story Nails”

Shang Chi and Disney+ Day

So Disney+ Day was just recently and of course they added all kinds of stuff, told us all of the great things that will be coming Disney+ in the years to come and really gave me stress because how many times is it acceptable to watch Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten RingsContinue reading “Shang Chi and Disney+ Day”

Favorite Disney Home Products!

Yes Hi.My name is Ashli and I am a Disney Adult.I LOVE DISNEY SO MUCH so it’s not surprising that I have things for Disney in my house like my croc pot and my waffle maker and so on.It’s fine and I’m fine with it.SOOOOOO I know that there are a lot of Disney loversContinue reading “Favorite Disney Home Products!”

5 Things To Keep In Your Purse!

We’ve all got things we keep in our purse all the time, right?Some are probably specific to us and some are probably things we keep just like everyone else – so I’m gonna tell you the 5 MUST HAVES I keep in my bag and see if you do the same or want to stealContinue reading “5 Things To Keep In Your Purse!”