A Faceless Snowman and Happy Dogs

I’m telling you – when we get snow we go for it.We love it.The dogs love it.YOU HAVE TO PLAY IN IT!!!!It’s just an unwritten rule – especially because we only get it like once every 6 years.You can even make snow cream which is AMAZINGGGGG!I remember my grandma Nancy making it for me aContinue reading “A Faceless Snowman and Happy Dogs”

Let’s Have SnOw Much Fun!

We haven’t had snow in a billion years – and by a billion I mean 6.Six years without snow.And guess what… Mother Nature is making up for it.It deep here… literally. This was our backyard this morning at 6:30 AM and on day 2 of it snowing.I woke up and took the dogs out andContinue reading “Let’s Have SnOw Much Fun!”