A Faceless Snowman and Happy Dogs

I’m telling you – when we get snow we go for it.
We love it.
The dogs love it.
It’s just an unwritten rule – especially because we only get it like once every 6 years.
You can even make snow cream which is AMAZINGGGGG!
I remember my grandma Nancy making it for me a lot as a kind when we used to get snow all the time – and it was always delicious.

Image result for snow cream recipe

You can even add sprinkles too!
Sprinkles make everything better!

This time around we went in the front yard where the snow was pretty and not ran through from the dogs!
I love pretty snow – untouched snow – it’s just so … pretty!
It’s like I want to roll around in it but I also want to leave it the way it looks.

As you can see we don’t build snowmen much lol because what even is that?
I mean it works – LOL – but wow.
The dogs enjoy the weather – they’d stay out in it all day if we’d let them but I get too scared they’re gonna get cold and make them come in.

The roads here were HORRIBLE forever so we have been trapped inside for over a week – lol – but they are pretty perfect now. It’s not 2* anymore it’s like 30* so we’re moving on up and it’s getting warmer.
If only it were winter and I could take the top off my Jeep.
That’s the best weather and it makes me SO happy.

Image result for summer gif

Also going to the beach but we have over 100 days for that!

But enough about that – I need to go make lunch.
Still doing Macrostax and still trying to hit some goals.
I am two weeks in – rocking it!



Published by Ashli Ferguson

Dog mom, wife, podcast host and all around cool kid. I love Halloween, Disney, and Books! Writing has always been fun for me so blogging is a perfect outlet for me on all fronts. I also published 2 books! (so far!) I hope you enjoy!

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