Let’s Backtrack…

Remember that time I posted about how my husband got Covid and I didn’t?You can read all about that here – https://youmeandbenny.com/2022/02/06/a-very-long-week/WELP – A week later ya girl tested positive. That’s right – my ‘sore throat from allergies‘ turned out to be good ol fashioned Covid on Monday morning when that little pink strip testedContinue reading “Let’s Backtrack…”

Snow, Ice Baby

We got a little bit of snow and a little bit of ice so you know me – back again with the camera living life and forcing my dogs to stop having fun so I can take pictures of them. It’s what I do as an insane dog mom BUT people enjoy them and IContinue reading “Snow, Ice Baby”

A Very Long Week

It took a whole 2+ years but one of us finally caught Covid…and it wasn’t me! Last Saturday we went out, had a good day and came home to chill and BAM my husband starts feeling horrible.Body aches, fever of 101.7, headache…. feeling just like total crap.Instantly I was like oh no… it’s happened!It wasContinue reading “A Very Long Week”

Self Care Ideas

I have learned that I take hardly any time for myself and hardly any time to take care of myself so I know it’s time to up the self care game and make myself a priority.So let’s find some awesome self care things! Rose Quartz Face Roller https://amzn.to/3GpVC5z I have one of these and IContinue reading “Self Care Ideas”

Benny Is 5!

AHHH MY FUR BABY!!!My first fur baby – he’s 5!!!Excuse me while I go sob into my pillow all day!But we are SO excited to show you what we’ve been doing the past few days getting ready for his big birthday!My dogs probably think I am insane but that’s fine – I am a crazyContinue reading “Benny Is 5!”

It’s Been 3 Days

If you recall our blog post the other day about Cash’s vet appointment and the things we’re doing to help his allergies – then we’ve got an update for you!If you haven’t read it yet go check it out before reading this post – https://youmeandbenny.com/2022/01/11/vet-visits-and-dog-allergies/ It’s been 3 days of the new food, mousse weContinue reading “It’s Been 3 Days”

Vet Visits and Dog Allergies

If you’ve been following us for a while you know that our dog Cash has been having a tough time lately.He’s got allergies – at one point we thought it was staph – and it’s been a long, hard road to find out what we’re doing and how to fix it. INCOMING PICTURE OF HISContinue reading “Vet Visits and Dog Allergies”

Benny is Going to be FIVE!

Your favorite doggo is going to be FIVE on January 14th!Excuse me while I go sob into my pajama shirt – but he is gonna be a big five year old boy and I am not ready for him to be grown.Even though he will always be a puppy to me.A 96 pound puppy. LOL!Continue reading “Benny is Going to be FIVE!”

Happy 2022!

It’s officially 2022 folks and we’re excited for the new year!It’s a rainy, gloomy day but hey – it’s a new year so we’ve got that to be excited about! Benny is in the window, watching it rain and he’s relaxing on this Saturday and enjoying the rain sounds.He always likes watching the rain –Continue reading “Happy 2022!”

Cook With Me! CrockPot Chili!

It’s cold and it’s time for me to eat things that make me warm and for me – who is the most picky person ever – that’s chili!So I made a small video of how I make my chili that my Mom taught me to make and I thought I’d share it with you becauseContinue reading “Cook With Me! CrockPot Chili!”