Laptop Lap Desk!

Happy Monday folks and happy early birthday to me!My actual birthday isn’t until March 22 but I got a gift in the mail that I am IN LOVE WITH and will be using every single day. It’s a laptop lap desk and I am already obsessed with it!I had it on my Amazon Wish ListContinue reading “Laptop Lap Desk!”

So Many Goals

I’ve given myself some goals for shops, books, and my health!So let’s talk about them just in case they inspire you for whatever it is that you do.You never know what will help! Goals Get 100 listings in my Etsy Shop! Right now I am at 83 and I’ve got some AWESOME things in thereContinue reading “So Many Goals”

Gooooood Morning Sirens!

This morning I woke up to tornado sirens going off.Well – I was already kind of awake because my husband gets up at 5ish to get ready for work but I was falling BACK to sleep and heard sirens so I jumped out of bed and found him in the house and asked WHAT DOContinue reading “Gooooood Morning Sirens!”

I Wrote a Book!!!

That’s right – I wrote a book!After YEARS of not writing I decided to finally get back into it and I am so excited about it you don’t even know.It’s on Amazon in Paperback and on Kindle and I am so thrilled about it it’s unreal – you can get your copy here – reading “I Wrote a Book!!!”