Leash Splitting Fun!

I bought this leash splitter during the winter and I LOVE IT!!I haven’t gotten to use it until lately thanks to snow and ice but now that I’ve started using it it’s SOOOO helpful when I have to walk the dogs by myself! Make sure to like and subscribe so you get more updates aboutContinue reading “Leash Splitting Fun!”

So Many Goals

I’ve given myself some goals for shops, books, and my health!So let’s talk about them just in case they inspire you for whatever it is that you do.You never know what will help! Goals Get 100 listings in my Etsy Shop! Right now I am at 83 and I’ve got some AWESOME things in thereContinue reading “So Many Goals”

A Very Long Week

It took a whole 2+ years but one of us finally caught Covid…and it wasn’t me! Last Saturday we went out, had a good day and came home to chill and BAM my husband starts feeling horrible.Body aches, fever of 101.7, headache…. feeling just like total crap.Instantly I was like oh no… it’s happened!It wasContinue reading “A Very Long Week”

Self Care Ideas

I have learned that I take hardly any time for myself and hardly any time to take care of myself so I know it’s time to up the self care game and make myself a priority.So let’s find some awesome self care things! Rose Quartz Face Roller https://amzn.to/3GpVC5z I have one of these and IContinue reading “Self Care Ideas”

Let’s Talk Self Care

Ahhh self care.Always sounds amazing but how many of us ACTUALLY do self care like we’re supposed to?I’ll wait for you to figure out your answer.Ready for my answer?An hour a day.THAT IS IT!That is the only time I do anything for myself – and really it’s only an hour a day for 5 daysContinue reading “Let’s Talk Self Care”

Happy 2022!

It’s officially 2022 folks and we’re excited for the new year!It’s a rainy, gloomy day but hey – it’s a new year so we’ve got that to be excited about! Benny is in the window, watching it rain and he’s relaxing on this Saturday and enjoying the rain sounds.He always likes watching the rain –Continue reading “Happy 2022!”

Back on Track for 2022

Yes, yes! I am getting back on track with my fitness goals for 2022 and I AM going to reach my goals!I have made it a promise to myself and to my personal trainer – it’s going to happen.You can vouch for me if you’d like – keep me in line if you have toContinue reading “Back on Track for 2022”

Someday Soap LLC

Christmas came and went like that – as usual – and of course I have been sifting through my gifts making sure things are where they go and clothes are hung up and on and on and on.But one thing I got for Christmas goes in the bathroom to make my skin beautiful, my sinus’Continue reading “Someday Soap LLC”

Help A Little Doggo!

Hi there – The super smiley dog in the photo is Cash! – https://gofund.me/bb7bd924 Cash is our little baby boy – he’s got a big brother Benny that he loves to play with and he also loves to snuggle his Mom and Dad whenever he can! He’s a happy, well loved boy with SEVERE allergiesContinue reading “Help A Little Doggo!”