31 Days of Self Love

It’s been a time this year of 2021 – so I decided for the last month of the year to do 31 days of self love on my YouTube channel.Every single day I hope on my channel, upload a small video and tell you one small thing to do for the day for yourself.One smallContinue reading “31 Days of Self Love”

Fitness Journey Week 2!

It is week 2 of our fitness journey and we’re loving it so much!I do think documenting it really helps – helps us and you, right?! So we gotta keep doing it for all of our sakes! Eric is in the videos now since he wasn’t in week 1!which now that I am thinking aboutContinue reading “Fitness Journey Week 2!”

Shang Chi and Disney+ Day

So Disney+ Day was just recently and of course they added all kinds of stuff, told us all of the great things that will be coming Disney+ in the years to come and really gave me stress because how many times is it acceptable to watch Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten RingsContinue reading “Shang Chi and Disney+ Day”

Fitness Goals 2022

I’ve decided what my big goal is – I want to do a Tough Mudder.I’ve never done one – obviously as I am not in shape at ALL – but I have seen and know a lot of people that have done them and I want to.It seems like a good goal to have, right?LikeContinue reading “Fitness Goals 2022”

Favorite Disney Home Products!

Yes Hi.My name is Ashli and I am a Disney Adult.I LOVE DISNEY SO MUCH so it’s not surprising that I have things for Disney in my house like my croc pot and my waffle maker and so on.It’s fine and I’m fine with it.SOOOOOO I know that there are a lot of Disney loversContinue reading “Favorite Disney Home Products!”

Gifts for Men!

If you’re like me shopping for your husband and dad/step-dad is the hardest thing ever.What do you get someone who has everything?Someone who, when you ask what they want they say ‘I don’t care’?WHAT DO YOU GET THEM?!Well… here’s some things I have found that are AWESOME and any man would love to have! DOContinue reading “Gifts for Men!”

5 Best Lighted Mirrors!

Yes I know you’re not supposed to pick at your face but I do.I also put on makeup, use my little tools to get blackheads off my face and so much more.Of COURSE I need the best mirror to do so – and a portable one because I am short and need it to beContinue reading “5 Best Lighted Mirrors!”

Loving The Gym! Healthy & Fun!

Ever since our gym has been back open after a YEAR of being closed I have been so glad to be back.It’s so fun, it’s big and has tons of things to do and just all around makes me happy to be back and active where I love to be. We have started a newContinue reading “Loving The Gym! Healthy & Fun!”

5 Things To Keep In Your Purse!

We’ve all got things we keep in our purse all the time, right?Some are probably specific to us and some are probably things we keep just like everyone else – so I’m gonna tell you the 5 MUST HAVES I keep in my bag and see if you do the same or want to stealContinue reading “5 Things To Keep In Your Purse!”

Christmas Is Coming! Here’s Some Gift Ideas!

You may not like it – but Christmas is coming!And it’s coming up FAST so I have of COURSE been on Amazon finding all my favorite things to share with you in case you need gift shopping ideas!I got your back. Ugg Fluff Slide Slipper THESE ARE SO COMFORTABLE I can’t even stand it –Continue reading “Christmas Is Coming! Here’s Some Gift Ideas!”