Easy, Healthy, and Simple Meal

Ahhh food.We love it – and if you’re like me and you’re picky it’s hard to find GOOD food that you want to eat all the time. Well guys – I found my favorite meal.I would literally eat it all day long if I could but I do eat if often.All it is is chicken,Continue reading “Easy, Healthy, and Simple Meal”

Printable Planners!

Are you an organizer like me?If so you may want to check out our printable planners we’ve got in our shop!We’ve got TWO planners than you can fill out with tasks and notes to keep you on track and moving forward during the week!I know sometimes it’s hard to plan your week but if youContinue reading “Printable Planners!”

Simple Protein Lunch

Happy Tuesday afternoon everyone!I hope your day is going amazingly – so far mine is dull but that’s fine! LOLI’ve got some stuff 3D printing for my Etsy Shop and I made a good lunch (I would have rather had a taco salad from our favorite Mexican place) but I decided cooking was best! GottaContinue reading “Simple Protein Lunch”